Cheat Day

Let’s talk about ‘cheat days’. This term is often used by many. It’s used so frequently that the term itself feels like cheating… Yourself that is.


The thing about cheat day is many take it as a weekly or at best a monthly thing. It’s not.


This image, is a good ol’ pepperoni pizza I ate today. With extra pepperoni. Pork. Not the chicken variant stupidity we have here in the country I’m in. Pork pepperoni is quite a rare thing here due to religious conflicts. But that’s a different topic.


Back to the main point. You see, I eat this pizza every three months. When I get my haircut. That’s right. Those are my cheat days. 4 days A YEAR! That’s it.


I avoid indulging myself too frequently especially because I know that this specific food is my vice. What happens when you let your vices and addictions take over? You lose control of yourself and lose sight of your goals.


The thing is it’s okay to eat what you like occasionally. But letting it become a frequent habit is where the trouble arises. You crave it more and more.


Eating shouldn’t be a chore. It should be, and is, fun when you do it right. There are many good healthy things to eat. You can even modify cuisines to make them more pocket and health friendly.


But once in a while, in low amounts, if you really want to eat something, don’t torture yourself and hold back, instead eat what you like and don’t over do it. Schedule it. Enjoy it. Savor it. Get excited about it. Like I was when I ate this today.


Good luck! And happy, healthy eating 🙂

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