Healthy Garlic Chicken Breast

Today’s recipe is a simple and quick recipe. It literally took me like 10-15 minutes to make it.


I decided to make this today because I finally got the time to get a good work out in and I needed something protein rich for my lunch.


So to begin, you’ll need:

– Chicken Breast – 450gms.

– Eggs – to dip in before you fry.

– Spices (your choice, I added pepper, pink salt and paprika).

– Onion – one.

– Garlic – one tiny piece.

– Oil – I use canola (You can choose your own preference).



– Prepare a mixture of spices, finely chopped or diced onion and chopped garlic.

– Add a small amount of unsalted butter and oil to the pan and warm it up to 90 degrees C (194 F, I’ve found this to be the magic number while prepping and frying, it keeps the meat juicy and cooks it well without burning/charring it up).

– Add the mixture to the pan.

– At the above mentioned temperature, let the mixture slowly fry up to a good reddish brown.

– Dip the chicken breast in eggs and slowly add them to the spicy mixture.

– Fry until the chicken is slightly golden.


Points to keep in mind.

  • Use tongs to check whether the chicken is properly cooked inside out.
  • This one requires you to thaw the chicken first, but don’t wash it, simply, thaw and immediately fry, don’t keep it thawed out for long.
  • Use the remaining egg to make a mini omelette.
  • Keep turning the chicken in the pan. Don’t just let it sit. This will help the chicken absorb the flavor of the spicy mixture and make it juicier.
  • Add some lime or lemon for an additional zesty flavor.
  • Clean up will be hell if you’re not careful. If you are, it’ll be the normal amount that you get after cooking.
  • Don’t splash around the thawed chicken too much, this can spread bacteria.
  • Thoroughly clean up the area where you thawed the chicken (probably the sink, if you’re like me and million others).


That’s it! Hope you like the post and enjoy this simple and healthy recipe, please share if you’d like/can  🙂 Thanks for reading!

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