French Toast (Condensed Milk Glaze)

Today’s recipe is another simple, yet delicious breakfast recipe. The French Toast.


What you’ll need:

⦁ Milk.
⦁ Egg.
⦁ Vanilla extract or vanilla flavor food coloring.
⦁ Sugar.
⦁ Condensed milk.
⦁ Butter.
⦁ Cinnamon.
⦁ Salt (Optional).
⦁ Bread slices.



⦁ Add a combination of butter and canola oil to the pan and preheat it to around 90-degree Celsius or 194 degree F.
⦁ Add milk, egg, vanilla, sugar, condensed milk, butter and cinnamon to the bowl.
⦁ Mix all the ingredients till you get a smooth texture.
⦁ Dip the bread slices in the batter.
⦁ Gently place the slices in the pan and fry on low heat till golden-brown.
⦁ Garnish it with whatever you please, maple syrup, whip cream and strawberries, chocolate syrup (I like the taste of condensed milk, so I used that as the topping).


It’s easy enough and simple enough that it doesn’t take up much of your time. I found cleaning up to be more tedious though. It always is, but worth it IMO.


Side Note – I also had a mango milkshake with the french toast, and I loved the combo. It was simple enough. Combine milk, mango flavoring, mango crush, ice cubes, blend them all together. Voila!



That’s it! Thanks for reading!


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