Misconception about Protein Intake

So, this is another facebook post turned blog post.


Let me just begin by writing that there are more than one misconceptions about protein intakes, but this one is far more widespread from what I can see, so I focused on it. BTW, one of the other misconceptions about protein intake is that vegans don’t get ‘complete’ proteins. That’s not the case and it has been debunked as well. Here’s the source


So, to begin with this common misconception that many have about protein consumption is to eat 1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight.


Here’s the thing about that. First of all, using this kind of generalized approach to eating habits is why many don’t see any results in their routine.


The thing to understand about the “1/1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight” thing is that this is just a standard estimation.


An estimation based on a simple fact of an average person working out in a typical 1hour session. 3-4 days a week.


This estimation cannot be taken at face value. Ever.


Why? Simply because you will differ from other people. Your lifestyle. Your workout patterns. Your body makeup. Your metabolism. Your everything, from age to gender to eating habits to sleeping habits to stress levels. EVERYTHING!


Other reason is because this measurement is often used for those who want to cut down on fat and build lean muscle.


So this little measurement will fall apart if you want to build bulk muscle or if you want to train to become an endurance athlete. Because the amount of protein will significantly increase in that case.


Not to mention that as you progress and build muscle, your protein intake would have to increase as well. Your eating habits would need to be tweaked in order to support your new physiological changes. Including your newly built muscles.


You should also take into account the fact that there are different types of proteins. Some digest slowly and some very quickly.


So basically what I’m saying is that it’s never as simple as “eat this much for this long and you’ll be a Greek God in a month”. Anyone who says so, is either trying to sell you something or is uninformed.


Understand the complexities of such things. Understand what your body needs first and only then, you can take steps towards your goals and expect to achieve desired results.


There’s actually more to it, but if I did add all of it here, it’d have to be a two-parter. Maybe I’ll write more on it in the future. So for reader’s and my convenience, that’s it and Thanks for reading!

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