6 Tips to follow a diet plan

It can be difficult for someone to follow a strict diet plan. Especially for someone who is just starting out. But, it doesn’t have to be. We need to understand that most of the success of following a diet plan lies in understanding our mindset and adjusting our perception of what ‘diet’ actually means.


Diet simply means, what we eat, which includes what we need to eat in order to function optimally. So, on a fundamental level, it’s just eating food, that will provide us with all the essential nutrients.


To do that, we must first simplify the eating process and here’s how we can do that.


1- Don’t follow a diet plan. Follow a lifestyle and develop an eating habit instead.


2- Don’t eat the same food everyday. Instead find out new ways to create delicious meals. There are hundreds of ways to prepare an egg, in a healthy way. There’s thousands of chicken recipes and broccoli recipes. Create new recipes and use add-ons to make your recipes unique to your palate.


3- If you feel that you often get tired of eating the same type of food everyday, then keep things fresh and your taste buds happy by trying new things to eat. Don’t stick to ‘just chicken’ or ‘just beef’ or ‘just egg’. Find out different foods that are healthy to eat. Try vegetarian, try vegan, try something that you would like to eat. That way, you won’t grow weary of the ‘same old food’.


4- While consistency is key, don’t punish yourself if you miss a meal due to something important in your life popping up. Your life doesn’t revolve around your diet. Your eating habits are a part of your life. That way you won’t start to resent yourself and your diet in the process. Remember, no one wants to do something they’re pressured into.


5- Develop a habit of preparing your own food. There’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than making your own food and relishing your victory of creating a delicious meal.


6- Have ‘cheat day/s’. Don’t be dictatorial in following your diet. It’s okay to indulge in moderation once in a while. That way you can subside your cravings and get back on track after getting it out of your system. You can slowly and subtly reduce the number of cheat days and before you know it, you’ll break free of those cravings and won’t need cheat days because your brain will slowly stop craving those kinds of foods altogether.

That’s it. Just applying these 6 things will help in being able to follow long-lasting, healthy eating habits. Thanks for reading!

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