A little rant about Dieting

This is basically a copy-paste of my fb rant, so, I apologize for the tone, but I was too lazy to write the rant again and the “fire” in me settled down by the time I started writing this. Hopefully, it’ll still ring true. That’s it! Thanks for reading (In advance).


You know, I’ve seen gym members and those who workout (or at least a version of it), often talk about fad diets and most of all the wrong diet.

They’re always asking gym trainers about diets and which one is the “best to follow” (most of these trainers aren’t even qualified to answer and are just drones who repeat what they learned in a classroom while getting their certifications).

Here’s the thing about that. Before asking “which diet plan I should follow”, why don’t you try asking “What it means” first. Why don’t do try and do some research on your own and see what “Intermittent fasting” is or what a “Ketogenic Diet” does or what exactly is a “Paleo Diet”.

Try the diet out first, but before that, know what it is, know what it entails, know the sacrifices, know the level of dedication it requires, know what it does to your body, know how it affects your immune system, how it affects your daily energy levels, how it affects your performance, how it affects your emotional state, how it affects your psychological state, how it affects your cognitive functions, how it affects your routine and lifestyle.

Know these things, understand them. Calculate the risks.

For example, if you’re already skinny with a low fat percentage and wanna gain muscle weight, why go on a Keto diet?

Following a fad diet or a wrong one, isn’t gonna get you results. Following a “celebrity diet” isn’t gonna get you results. Especially if you don’t understand them. But following a proper and suitable eating pattern that is compatible with YOUR LIFESTYLE and YOUR GOALS, will.

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