A little rant about Dieting

This is basically a copy-paste of my fb rant, so, I apologize for the tone, but I was too lazy to write the rant again and the “fire” in me settled down by the time I started writing this. Hopefully, it’ll still ring true. That’s it! Thanks for reading (In advance).   You know, I’ve…

Healthy Banana Smoothie

Today’s’ post is about a simple, yet deliciously healthy recipe. This one, I use frequently because it’s so easy to make.   Nutritional information; Calories – 160-180 (240-250 with protein powder). Magnesium – 32-35mg. (approx.) Potassium – 400-500mg (For a medium sized banana). Protein – 26g (if you include protein powder). Carbohydrates – (20g approx….