Quick fun and simple kitchen hacks

So, I decided to share some quick and easy, tricks you can do in the kitchen to make cooking and creating more fun!


Ice water– Did you know that ice water can actually help you do a lot of fun stuff? From keeping your vegetables crispy when you dip them in it to easily let you peel off the shell of a boiled egg to even dipping a burger patty in it for a few seconds before grilling to make it juicier.


Bananas– This one is a really fun one and a healthy one too. For those who don’t eat eggs, it can be a really good substitute in cookies. They’ll taste equally good, if not better. Here are some good recipe options for that; https://www.yummly.com/recipes/banana-cookies-without-eggs


Salt– Salt is more than just a seasoning, it’s one of the most important tool in your kitchen. From being a good preservative to actually reducing the oil splatter to virtually zero, when you sprinkle it in the frying pan. You can also add it to a mixture of cold water and ice to cool your drinks faster.


Finally, the last one and my personal favorite –


Nutella – I’m sure everyone is aware of Nutella. I came across this little gem on youtube few years ago but never tried it until recently. So, after it’s finished, what do you do? Throw the bottle away? Nope! Don’t. Try this next time. Whatever is left can be put to good use (Usually a lot of it is left in due to not all of it being scraped off by your spoon). Get some milk, pour it in the bottle, close the lid, shake it well, let the milk mix with it. Then just pour the milk into a glass and enjoy your Nutella milkshake! Did it this past weekend, loved it!


That’s it! Enjoy these little kitchen ‘hacks’ and make cooking a fun little experiment. Thanks for reading!

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