Don’t feel like working out? Try this little mind trick.

So, do you want to start working out but don’t feel like it? Making a new years resolution but don’t feel like making it a year long one? Or just have any other thoughts that make you not wanna do it?

Well, here’s something you can try. It’s just a little “Jedi” mind trick you can use to start initially. Then you can get deeper into it and before you know it, you’ll feel incomplete even if you miss a single workout session ^_^

So, you start by doing just one, any one easy exercise. It can be a simple static jog or maybe a jump-skip or sit-up or any other exercise that you find easy. But only do 10 reps of it. Then stop and go about your day like normal.
For example, you start with push-ups. You do 10 of them, then stop, then go about your day. Then the next day, you do another 10 reps. Just randomly at any time. Then repeat the same for the next 5 days. Before you know it, you’ll have done at least 70 reps of push-ups in that week!
Then move on to the next week, do the same exercise, you can even choose a different one, and increase one or two reps or even five, if you feel comfortable with it. Then continue it for another week.
So let’s say you added 5 reps. That means in that week, you did 105 reps of that exercise! For now, don’t think about the results. Just do them randomly, in your free time or whenever you feel bored. Just move and do it. Results will appear with consistency over time.
Keep on progressing like that, but do it everyday, and see where you are in terms of mindset within 2-3 months.
This process isn’t about getting results or building muscle fundamentally.
This is more related to developing a mindset where you’re training your brain to want to workout everyday. It’s subtle conditioning.
The more you do it, the more you’ll like it and since you won’t be forcing your body to go through too much, it wouldn’t wanna quit either, which will make you wanna do more of it.

Start small, but Think BIG and Act!

If you liked this little tip, apply it and share it with those who might also find it helpful. That’s it! Thanks for reading!

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