7 Foods that help reduce stress levels

We all have stress in our lives. There are many ways to reduce or eliminate stress altogether. Now, eliminating the source of stress is the best way obviously, but sadly, that’s not always possible.

So, we need to find other ways to reduce stress levels in our brain and the rest of the body. Apart from working out and doing yoga, meditation, taking peaceful walks in nature, you can add certain foods to your diet that help bring down your stress levels.

Foods that help with that are as follows;

1- Bananas.

2- Almonds.

3- Grapes.

4- Green Tea.

5- Oatmeal.

6- Watermelons.

7- This one I think will be your favorite; Dark Chocolate.


Now I know some might be skeptical about chocolate. But eating chocolate in small amounts doesn’t lead to weight gain, especially if it’s dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less sugar in it than white or plain chocolate and it has anti-oxidants as well. Eat a one without dairy if possible. It is high in fats, but the fats are monosaturated fats, which are actually known to reduce cholesterol levels. Plus apparently, it can even help with diabetes! Here’s an interesting article on that; http://www.diabeteshealth.co.in/blog/nutrition/398-dark-chocolate-and-type-2-diabetes

So, there you have it. Seven stress reducing foods. One of them, the most delicious of them all! 🙂 That’s it! Thanks for reading!

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