5 Best Fat Burning Foods.


When we think about burning fat, we picture us in a gym, working our ass off sweating like hell on a treadmill.


Now, a good workout will surely help our body to burn fat (after it has gone through the carbs and sugar reserves), but the fact remains that the workout would only last an hour or so for most people.

So, it is what we do and what we eat throughout the day that will truly determine that the fat that was burned off, stays off. But hunger gets the best of us, so what to do?


Well, here’s a list of healthy, fat burning foods, that help satiate your hunger too along with some other benefits.


1 – Eggs –


Eggs are the best source for protein. They can be prepared in a number of ways. The white of the egg contains around 4gms of protein. So even two to three egg whites can easily give you 8-12gms of protein in one sitting, keeping you satiated while burning fat effectively. Eggs are quite low in calories too. Even a large one has about 72 (raw) 78 (when boiled) calories.


2 – Almonds- almondsnutrition.jpg Almonds are another good option as a fat burning food. They’re also natural testosterone boosters and have a good amount of fiber and magnesium in them.


3 – Peanut butter – pb_hero.jpg The right kind of peanut butter, is not only a good fat burner, it is also a good source for protein and healthy fats. 2 tbsp has around 8gms of protein. Spread it over a whole grain bread and you’ll have a delicious satiating breakfast.


4 – Whole grains – 20160225-whole-grain-bread-shutterstock_63149434-880x495.jpg Already mentioned above, a combination of whole grain bread with peanut butter will make a ‘complete protein’.


5 – Lean meats (chicken or fish) – 21920417_xxl-1445282216-600x360 Chicken is an excellent source for animal proteins, due to it being a lot leaner and lower in saturated fats. The breast piece is the best portion. Added benefit being that chicken can be prepared in various delicious ways. Fish is an excellent source for Omega 3 Fatty Acids and is also low in saturated fats. It is the lowest in ‘harmful’ fat (Omega 6 fatty acids) than any other type of meat. Just be careful of which type of fish you choose to eat. Good options would be tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel.


Bonus – While using oil using extra-light olive oil, sunflower oil are some good options to consider.


That’s it. Including these foods in your diet will help improve your body’s fat burning capability. One thing to note is that this is still just a small, albeit important part, in the whole process of fat burning and muscle building.


Hope you found the article useful. Thanks for reading!

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