I’m not a doctor


I actually have been wanting to write this one for quite a while.

First, let me start by saying that I am a lot of things, I’m A Personal Trainer, A MMA Coach, A Kickboxing Coach, A Boxing Coach, A Martial Arts Instructor, A Security Trainer, A Self-Protection Consultant, A Conflict Management Speaker, A Violence Analyst, but what I am not, is A Doctor. Just because I know how to perform CPR or operate an AED machine, does not mean I am qualified to give any sort of medical advice to anyone, because if I did, it would be like saying, I’m a good swimmer and like to eat meat, so now I’m a shark. See how ridiculous that would be? So when someone asks me about medical stuff, I send them to the appropriate resource, instead of giving them any medical advice.

That is what I wanna write about here today.

You see, since I’m in two different, yet directly connected fields, I often come across a common phenomenon in which my clients always ask me for medical advice for their condition. To which my response is always, “I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you”. Yet some still persist and try to force an answer out of me. It’s kind of one of my pet peeves with these industries. People think that just because instructors and trainers are qualified to make our bodies healthier, that we are also “experts” at practicing medicine. Which is a weird connection because if anything, we’re here to make sure you don’t have to rely on medicine (or at least reduce the chances of you needing them) in the future and maintain good health. Yet the questions come and when they don’t get the answers they wanted, they are disappointed and some even go so far as to question your knowledge and skills. Some actually compare you to “another trainer who gave them advice”. This did happen to me once btw.

And that’s another thing I wanna write about, see, it’s one thing for average people who have no idea of the distinction between the two and the fact that the lines are now blurred due to a lot of medical info on the net, so apparently now everyone’s a “doctor” just by googling some symptoms. If that’s not disturbing enough, even some trainers are jumping on the bandwagon now just to increase their market credibility by actually giving medical advice, even when it’s not their place. They don’t redirect their clients to a doctor, instead they provide “treatments” with some stupid supplements or pills, which cause more damage than cure the ailment.

It’s a disease that’s slowly spreading and I hope it stops before it consumes this industry and implodes taking with them the people who buy into this garbage.

So, if you’re reading this, please, please don’t ask your trainers for medical advice, instead go to a proper doctor in the appropriate field and if a trainer does try to give you medical advice, please either tell them not to do so, and if they persist or try to feed you some b.s. about how they’re “qualified” to do so, I’d recommend switching and I know that saying this is going to get me crucified here, so I’ll add an exception, unless and until they have a medical degree in what they’re giving you advice for, or at least something related to that topic, and/or a license to practice medicine in that field in your country/area, do not take their advice for any medical issues. Recommendations on which doctor to go to for a certain problem is the only thing to listen to from your trainer and if he/she is a good one, they will guide you in the right/appropriate direction.

Well, that’s it. Hope you found the post useful. Thanks for reading.

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