Muscle Building and Fat Loss – Part – 1

In today’s post, I will include some useful information on how fat loss and building muscle work and what are the best ways to do both, followed by some workouts and some healthy food options at the end of the second part. Yes, this will be a two-part post, because the ‘fat loss and diet’ part of this topic is quite detailed.

Now before starting, a little anatomy lesson, on what our muscles are basically made of. To put it simply, our skeletal muscles are made up of fibers which contain myofibrils and sarcomeres, which are the basic units of contraction, these fibers are ‘woven’ together to form a muscle.

Okay, let’s begin. First things first, building muscle is actually the best way to lose fat. How? I’ll explain. You see, when you workout, depending on the workout, you either extend or contract your muscle. Of course there is a third kind of workout called isometric in which you don’t change the position of your joints and muscle length during contraction like you‘d do in weight training or calisthenics.

Now during any of those workouts, even cardio workouts, your muscles are pushed to work harder and the effect basically “tears down” the muscles, they are torn apart on a cellular level, it’s not injured technically, injury happens when you do a workout the way it’s not supposed to be done. It’s more like the fibers “woven” together to form the muscles are broken down on a cellular level. You see, our muscles are like elastic, they stretch, they contract to tighten up, except unlike elastic, they can repair themselves from almost all kinds of trauma (I.e. tears, hyperextension, etc.).

So during our workouts, our muscles are “torn“, and our body being quite good at repairing us, immediately starts up the process and when it’s complete, the muscle builds back up with more mass and becomes stronger than before. That’s basically the process of muscle building.

Now, here’s where the other aspect of gaining muscle and losing fat comes in. Our muscles will do their best to repair our torn fibers. But any kind of work requires energy, which in this case, comes from either the stored fat in our body and/or the food we eat. We need those nutrients to fuel our body to perform any task. This is why your diet plan is the most important aspect of your workout, so much so, that a bad diet can effectively make just about all your efforts of training, go to waste.
End of Part 1.
Part 2 will be up, as soon as it’s finished, as I mentioned, it‘s pretty detailed, because there‘s just too much to discuss on that subject and I wanna put as much information as possible without missing anything important. I will try my best to get Part 2 out by next week.

Thank you for reading!

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