Keep calm and eat slow

First, let me start out by saying that I, myself, have been guilty of doing this in the past and even as recent as a few days ago (Which is what kind of prompted me to write this article). The act being, mindlessly eating food, basically just inhaling it, in virtually one bite like someone who hasn’t eaten for days, then feel more hungry later.


Whether it’s at the desk, or at a food cart on the side of the road or in a car, or while we’re multitasking; we’re basically… Earking (Eating + Working) No? Bad word combo? Exactly! It is indeed a bad combination… of actions. But at one point or other, we all have done it and many still do it. We just eat fast and then some time later we get hungry again. Not a very healthy dietary habit.


You see, there are two responses; Hunger and Satiety.

  • Hunger is a sensation that lets you know you need to eat in order to get necessary nourishment for your body.
  • Satiety is the lack of hunger. It tells your body that it’s had enough nourishment and to stop eating.


Eating fast is a really unhealthy thing to do especially if you‘re looking to slash off some of your weight. Eating fast drowns your body’s Satiety response; it’s a mechanism that makes you feel full and makes you want to stop eating. But that mechanism fails if you ignore it (by eating all of your food in big bites in a hurry).

In simple terms, you‘re basically in a kind of feeding frenzy while eating all “fast and furious”, and stopping will be that much harder for you and make you more hungry later in the day as well.


what you can do is, eat your food gradually, with micro breaks in between bites. Take short 20-30 second breaks between each bite you take. This actually will make you feel full by the time you finish eating. A slow eating approach has the benefit of being sustainable over a longer period of time. You don’t feel hungry after eating.


The goal of this approach is to lessen the amount of food you eat, before your brain tells you, that you’re not hungry anymore. This method is not new and has been around for quite a while.


This method activates ‘The Satiety Response’ in your brain. Your brain sends signals to your stomach, telling it to stop eating, which lets you feel like you‘re not hungry anymore. The thing is, it actually takes about 12-15 minutes for this response to be activated. Which is why we take micro breaks between each bite.


The beauty of this approach is that you may not even have to change your current diet nor does it deprive you of your culinary indulgences. Of course, continuing to eat overly fatty foods, and other other kinds of unhealthy foods everyday won’t show much results either way, even with this approach. But it could, at the very least, get you to stop gaining more weight at a rapid rate. This process can be used as a first step towards your healthy dietary habits.


Here’s another great thing about it, this approach can also be taught to children. That’s right! This method will not only prevent kids from being overweight, but also help them appreciate their food, as well as enable them to enjoy it’s social aspects more.

So, now you know another little “trick” to get you started towards healthy eating habits.


A note; I’ve heard quite many criticize this method. The thing is, no method is perfect and while this method may not help you get to a peak level of physical fitness, it can be used as the first stepping stone in your progress. Basically with this method, you learn to crawl, before you walk and learn to walk, before you can run.


Many don’t want to or can’t keep to or find it hard to stick to specific diets and as a result relapse hard or never begin in the first place. For those individuals, this slow eating process can be the first stepping stone towards something that once may have been perceived as impossible, but we know that many of us are capable of surprising others and even ourselves more often than not.


Well, that’s it for today. Thank you for reading. Hope you found this article useful. Try the process out, see if you do get any kind of positive results. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below 🙂

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  1. kai_morgan says:

    I read somewhere that if you wait 15 mins or so before you eat dessert after your main meal, your body has time to register that it’s full, and you won’t be so hungry for the dessert after all. Which fits in exactly with what you are saying!

    1. Ashtad says:

      That is exactly true yes 🙂

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