Diet Options For Vegans

Many today prefer a vegan diet to any other, so I decided to list some meal options.


Meal 1 –

  1. Oatmeal or ouinoa with nuts and raisin
  2. Homemade breakfast or protein bar
  3. Nut or seed butter wholegrain toast
  4. Green smoothie with a handful of almonds
  5. Tofu tomato spinach scramble
  6. Homemade muesli with coconut milk


Meal 2-

  1. Pasta with mixed roasted veggies or tomato paste
  2. Beans with rice or sweetcorn
  3. Baked sweet potato with salsa
  4. Lentil or mushroom soup with wholegrain toast
  5. Roasted chickpeas with broccoli and red peppers
  6. Tempeh or vegetable wrap


Meal 3-

  1. Roasted tempeh with tomato or cucumber salad
  2. Roasted seitan with green beans and broccoli
  3. Eggplant tomato oven bake with tofu
  4. Lettuce, cucumber sunflower seed and walnut salad
  5. Roasted mixed veggies with chickpeas or mushrooms
  6. Veggie burger with lettuce and tomatoes



  1. Hummus with celery or carrot sticks
  2. Baked zucchini chips or sticks with onion dip
  3. Half protein or breakfast bar
  4. Banana or pear with a handful of walnuts
  5. Chia seed pudding with berries
  6. Vegan protein powder shake
  7. Two handfuls of roasted chickpeas
  8. Apple slices with 1 tbsp of nut butter


If you wanna know more of these awesome recipes, then connect with me here; and ask a question. I’ll be sure to answer it. The best one gets a special blog post! 🙂

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  1. Love this 😍 (all vegan food)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashtad says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’ve got lots more of these.

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  2. onmyway44 says:

    Yayyy great post ! Really helpful thankyou

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    1. Ashtad says:

      Glad you liked it! ^_^


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